Modelling and mapping of rainfall erosivity in Georgia
Transborder geotourism as a driving Force for Innovation and Cooperation in Eastern Europian Peripheries
Preparation of the Atlas of Zoonotic Infections in the South Caucasus
Creating GIS-based solution for Environmental Peacebuilding and Geotourism
Co-Creating sustainable Tools for multilateral Cooperation in the Southern Caucasus – Geoscientific Research on Environmental Peacebuilding
Capacity building and promotion of young geographers through partnership projects – “Atlas plus” (National Atlas of Geogria and UNESCO Global Geopark Georgia)
Open Science
sification of Karst Landscape of Georgia
Advanced Research Oportunity (AROP)
Assessment of rainfall erosivity from radar-based precipitation (case of Kakheti, Georgia)
Geopark planning and its prospects on the example of the Racha region of the Caucasus
Digital Soil Mapping of Kakheti
Environmental Peacebuilding in the Southern Caucasus – Geoparks beyond Boundaries Funding organization: DAAD
Karst Map of Grorgia (scale: 1:500 000)
Integrated water resources management of the Rioni River Basin
Quantitative assessment and management of water resources of the Rioni River (within the Kolkheti lowland)
Geoparks for Peace? Potentials of Geotourism for cross-border Cooperation in the South Caucasus
Caucasus Glacier Monitoring Network
Cartography of geomorphological processes
Creation of the Kvemo Kartli Water Resources Management System Basis
Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia
თბილისის განაშენიანების (CA) მოდელირება რელიეფის აქტიური ტრანსფორმაციის ფონზე
Identification of karst phenomena formation (genesis) in the territory of Georgia and prospects of use of the revealed cave systems for tourist purposes
Creation of a Basin Management System of Kakhetian Water Resources
Glaciological Catalog of Georgia
GIS Modelling and assessment of soil erosion (case of shida Kartli)
Studying the dynamics of Enguri basin glaciers against the background of modern climate
Research of Soil Erosion using Remote Sensing Funding organization: Shota Rustaveli National Science Fundation
GIS of Dzama, Tana, Tedzami river basins for analysis of interaction between environment and social processes
Natural-tourism potential of Kvemo Kartli and Javakheti: evaluation and prospects of use. Funding organization: The Georgian National Science Foundation
Monitoring of Zofkhito and Chalaati glaciers against the backdrop of global warming
Present Geoecological Condition of Kakheti Region And Ways of its Development
Research of Tskaltubo (Kumistavi) Unique Cave System and Adjacent to it Speleo objects and Prospects of their Economic Utilization
National Atlas of Georgia
Modelling climate change, glacier dynamics and runoff in the Caucasus